Thanks for taking an interest in our bikes.

Here are some facts and history about our bikes and our manufacturer.

Yes they are Chinese assembled and produced however with our manufacturer currently building and selling 200,000 + electric bikes and scooters worldwide yearly and building electric bikes and scooters for the past 11 years he knows a bit about the industry.

Our manufacturer is a dedicated bike rider who personally rides the bikes he designs. Being educated in England and travelled for over 5 years he is well aware of the demands western society expects from his bikes.

His philosophy is simple, use the best quality parts from the best suppliers no matter if it cost a bit more, to produce a great bike for a reasonable price.


  • Is one of Chinas longest running E Bike Manufacturer
  • Sells over 200,000 units domestic and worldwide each year and is currently manufacturing for some of Europe’s biggest Electric bike companies.
  • Our designed mountain bikes have been sold for the last 5 years worldwide and experience a 2% return Rate. Countries include U.S.A. Latvia, Germany, Holland and now Australia.
  • Collaborated with Honda to create Electric bikes and scooters for Asian markets.
  • Every bike has been completely built and tested before they are sent to us. They are then retested by us and professionally tuned by an experienced bike technician before presentation on the showroom floor.
  • Such dedication and attention to detail is the reason why I personally selected this manufacturer.
  • Backed warranty from Shimano, Samsung SDI and Suntour.

So thank you again for taking the time to read this and please feel free to ask for a demonstration ride.

Happy riding

Tom Wheeler


Dirt E Bike.