Dirt E  Bike Company

Company overview

Welcome to Dirt E Bike Company.  We believe that riding bikes should always be a fun, safe and a rewarding past time. However being middle aged and bloody busy with work and life, riding bikes to get fit just sounds boring.

We are taking a different view of the current trends in the E bike industry that focus on the environmentally friendly and alternative lifestyles, to be frank about it the only true form of green energy for transport is your own legs. So if walking ain’t fast enough then ride a bike. We’re not sure if you want to look like an Old Dutch women riding her E Bike to the corner store or not. If you do, then you won’t find that bike here. We want you to feel like you are riding a bike, but when you pass that Mamal (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) without cracking a sweat we also expect you to have a quiet laugh at his expense.

Don’t get us wrong. We have some serious bikes for serious situations but at the same time these bikes are built for fun with as little maintenance required as possible, to help you up that last part of the hill or that ride home when you have a serious case of spaghetti legs from an extra-long surf session.

So check out the range as we think they are pretty cool , functional and a better alternative that the stinking petrol bike that your noisy neighbours kid is bloody riding all day long driving you nuts, ride them hard, fast or slow, enjoy the freedom of the E bike revolution without that look of just another granny biker.

Yours Faithfully

Dirt E Bike Company.